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The Wright Report
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The Wright Report

Bryan Dean Wright

Former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright is back! Read more


24 JUNE NEWS: Secret Documents on America’s Biggest Threat // Pentagon’s Lost Cash // Us Border Crossings Down? // Ukraine Good & Bad News // Q&A: NY Justice

Today (06/24/2024) 26:59
21 JUNE 2024 NEWS: Headline Brief! Domestic, International, & Good Medical News

06/21/2024 26:15
20 JUNE 2024 NEWS: Shocker from North Korea & Russia // Drone Wars // AI Generals // AI Inventions

06/20/2024 23:50
19 JUNE 2024 NEWS: Islamic VS White Terror // New Health Warning // Marijuana Investigation // Inside the CIA: Targeting Iran

06/19/2024 30:02
18 JUNE 2024 NEWS: Citizenship for Illegal Aliens // Trans Rights Blocked // Bird Flu Pandemic // Ozempic // Good Cancer News // Q&A

06/18/2024 30:04
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Our take on The Wright Report podcast

The Wright Report delivers the latest on current events from the US and beyond. Drawing on his background in intelligence, former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright offers unique insights and analysis that go beyond the headlines and presents it all in a factual and data-driven manner. He has a keen eye for the stories other news sources might overlook, giving you a complete understanding of the issues. Rather than telling you what to think, Bryan leaves it up to you to decide. Every weekday at 7 am Eastern Time. The Wright Report is a politics podcast by Bryan Dean Wright.

Bryan Dean Wright
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Listener reviews

"Nate" Smith - 08/09/2023
I use the Wright report daily during the week and it's because of the wide range of world and national issues covered and inside information I would not know plus opinion of a CIA agent .I get enough politics on other podcasts I do not even want to access them early in the day .
SusieC - 06/07/2023
My husband and I listen to The Wright Report everyday. The Wright Report provides an interesting, thorough look at the most important events to the United States for today.

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