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War on Truth
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War on Truth


What's fake, what's real? Read more


Roddy: 'We don’t trust the media – so we became it'

04/29/2022 00:16:11
Tetyana: ‘My son is the Snake Island hero’

04/22/2022 00:15:57
Sergei: ‘It’s my duty to keep telling Russians the truth’

04/14/2022 00:21:00
Marianna Part 2: The view from the other side

04/08/2022 00:18:03
Rob: ‘Covid was a hoax, and so is the war’

04/01/2022 00:17:17
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Our take on War on Truth podcast

War on Truth is BBC Radio 4's podcast that focuses on stories from Ukraine. The podcast covers Putin's invasion of Ukraine, the shape of the war, and all the possible outcomes. It is hosted by BBC's disinformation reporter, Marianna Spring, who goes all over the stories from the information war over Ukraine. She dissects these stories and separates lies from truth, facts from fiction.

Producer: BBC
Host: Marinna Spring
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 10
Average duration: 18'
Frequency: Weekly

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