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The Global Jigsaw
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The Global Jigsaw


Looking at the world through the lens of its media. Read more


How China sees itself in Africa

05/11/2024 00:41:28
Turkey's foothold in Africa

05/04/2024 00:39:54
Deconstructing Iran’s ‘Axis of Resistance’: Part two

04/27/2024 00:51:17
How drones have changed war

04/20/2024 00:31:56
Sudan: A year of war

04/13/2024 00:39:53
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Our take on The Global Jigsaw podcast

Global Jigsaw provides an engaging deep dive into global media narratives. Krassimira Twigg navigates us through a maze of information, decoding media content in up to 100 languages. Her expertise guides us past language barriers, exposing the mechanisms that drive media stories and uncovering the undercurrents of power and influence shaping our news. The Global Jigsaw is a news podcast by BBC World Service.

Producer: BBC
Host: Krassimira Twigg
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 31
Average duration: 35'
Frequency: Weekly

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