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AI podcasts

Lex Fridman Podcast
CTO Podcast – Insights & Strategies for Chief Technical Officers Navigating the C-Suite while Balancing Technical Strategy,
Discover Daily by Perplexity
GenAI on GenAI
Imagine This...
Most Innovative Companies
No Priors: Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Technology | Startups
Technically Optimistic
Technically Speaking: An Intel Podcast
The AI Podcast
The Joe Rogan AI Experience
The Neuron: AI Explained
The So What from BCG
The TED AI Show
Your Undivided Attention
Science Will Win

The best AI podcasts

This collection of AI podcasts mirrors the dynamic nature and evolution of artificial intelligence itself. From the latest news about ChatGPT to deep philosophical discussions about cognitive computing or how robotics impact our daily lives, the AI podcasts you will find here cover an incredibly diverse range of topics.
Each episode of these shows offers a unique perspective on how AI technologies are shaping the future of industries, societies, and daily human interactions. With super smart hosts and incredible guests, these podcasts cover machine learning with different approaches, ensuring there's always something new and exciting to listen to.

Exploring future trends

I guess the most famous podcast in the field is the Lex Fridman Podcast. Here, he sits with some of the brightest minds of today, from Elon Musk to Noam Chomsky, to talk about complex subjects that go from autonomous vehicles or Big Data to the nature of consciousness. Moving on, The AI Podcast offers a more narrative style, focusing on individual stories that introduce you to a new perspective on AI's influence, from wildlife conservation to the cosmos. Then there's GenAI on GenAI with a more unconventional approach. Here, the dialogue runs to the future, with discussions led by Artificial intelligence itself, which will make you think about the unpredictable nature of AI conversations.
If you want a short daily update on AI, you can listen to Discover Daily by Perplexity, and if you have some more time, you can check The Neuron: AI Explained. You will surely find something that resonates.