Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know podcastJosh and Chuck bring you closer to science through everyday life topics. Here you will find accurate information about the most complicated issues, explained with ease and entertainment.

The Jordan B Peterson Podcast

The Jordan B Peterson PodcastJordan Peterson and Mikhaila dialogue with the most exciting guests to understand the evolution of musical culture through time.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Lex Fridman PodcastLex Fridman has long conversations with great guests. His favorite topics are technology, artificial intelligence, philosophy, intelligence, conscience, and love.

Catholic Classics

Catholic Classics podcast Host: Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P. and Fr. Jacob Bertrand Janczyk, O.P.
Country: United States

DEAD Talks

DEAD Talks podcast Host: David Ferrugio
Country: United States

Easy German

Easy German podcast Host: Cari, Manuel and Easy German's team
Country: Germany Language: German


EconTalk podcast Host: Russ Roberts
Country: United States

The best Education podcasts

Education is a broad area, given there is something to learn in every aspect of life. Therefore, this category covers all the educational podcasts there are to find. With a significant focus on the best education podcasts, this category includes productions ranging from higher education podcasts in the World to TED Podcasts. In addition, you will find shows touching on current issues and the must-knows of the modern world.
Here, you will find podcasts for English teachers with award-winning shows. In addition, listeners will learn the mental aspects required while learning this language from the hosts’ various qualified English teachers.
TED talk podcast is also a component of this outstanding category. With several pods on self-improvement, this category includes all the classic shows that behave over time and have proven to help listeners greatly.
You will find podcasts from globally famous universities and high education institutions.
Some of the best education podcasts majoring in the How-To of things are found here. They cover many topics, including behavior secrets, the law, minimalism and essentials such as handling job interviews. In this section, one can also learn the best ways to study. Yoga lessons can also be found here. Who would not want free Yoga lessons anyway?
As said earlier, education correlates with all aspects of life. In this batch, you will find learning podcasts and shows that teach any topic you could imagine.