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Battle Lines: Israel-Gaza
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Battle Lines: Israel-Gaza

The Telegraph

Across the world, from Europe to Asia, the Americas to the Middle East, tensions are rising between nation states. Read more


Israel hostage rescue, far-right gains in EU election, judges resign in Hong Kong

06/14/2024 43:48
What D-Day means for the future of international security

06/07/2024 36:47
Labour's defence spending, devastating attacks in Rafah, South Africa goes to the polls

05/31/2024 31:56
Anti-colonial riots in New Caledonia, humanitarian crisis in Sudan, oil rush in the South Pole

05/24/2024 34:58
Assassination attempt on Slovakia's PM, Georgia protests controversial 'foreign agent' law

05/17/2024 39:45
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Our take on Battle Lines: Israel-Gaza podcast

Battle Lines, by The Telegraph, cuts through the noise to offer grounded insights on the Israel-Gaza conflict. The show combines firsthand reporting and expert analysis, giving listeners a 360-degree view of the situation. The host, David Knowles, and a team of skilled reporters like Nataliya Vasilyeva and Danielle Sheridan, bring to light real truths from the ground. Whether it's discussing the shock of Hamas's surprise attack or dissecting Iran's influence in the region, this podcast is a one-stop shop for anyone wanting to grasp the complexities. Battle Lines: Israel-Gaza is a news commentary podcast by The Telegraph.

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