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Design Yourself
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Design Yourself

Welcome to the podcast where we talk about how to raise our collective consciousness about what's possible and bring more ease and delight to the way we live, work and lead. Read more


For the Sake of What | Summer Series 4

07/17/2024 36:28
Living in the Question | Summer Series 3

07/10/2024 31:19
A Vision Meditation | Summer Series 2

07/03/2024 32:12
Where Am I Now? | Summer Series 1

06/26/2024 16:29
Disagree and Commit

06/19/2024 28:51
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Our take on Design Yourself podcast

Design Yourself stands out for its timely relevance; it acknowledges that we're living through transformative times that require new kinds of leadership and self-awareness. Sharon Lipovsky explores how we can improve both our personal and professional lives. Airing every Wednesday and clocking in at about 30 minutes, each episode is a compact shot of wisdom and practical tips. From understanding the importance of celebrating even the tiniest victories to thoughtful discussions on clean eating and personal values, the content is varied but consistently impactful. Design Yourself is a management podcast by Point Road Studios.

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