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The Rest Is Money
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The Rest Is Money

Goalhanger Podcasts

Robert Peston and Steph McGovern follow the money to bring you insightful stories from the world of business and finance.  Who’s making money and who’s spending it? Read more


68. Election Tax Special: What do political parties want to do with your money?

06/18/2024 00:43:47
67. The Labour Manifesto: Is it really pro-business?

06/14/2024 00:43:31
66.⁠ ⁠The Conservative Manifesto: what would they do with your money?

06/12/2024 00:45:51
65. Are climate boycotts doing more harm than good?

06/09/2024 00:36:20
64. How Labour could end the strikes with Mick Lynch

06/05/2024 00:51:41
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Our take on The Rest Is Money podcast

The Rest Is Money offers an accessible deep-dive into economics and finance, hosted by business journalist Steph McGovern and economics guru Robert Peston. The pair brilliantly untangles complex issues like AI's impact on jobs or the reasons behind high inflation. What sets this podcast apart is its ability to simplify jargon-heavy topics into understandable conversations. But that's not all; they also offer historical context by revisiting major financial events of the past. If you've ever felt intimidated by the world of money, this podcast serves as an excellent entry point. It's an educational yet engaging way to understand issues that touch our daily lives. The Rest Is Money is a business podcast by Goalhanger Podcasts. This producer is also known for The Rest is Politics, Empire, The Rest is Football, The Rest is History and Match of the Day: Top 10, We Have Ways of Making You Talk and Battleground.

Steph McGovern and Robert Peston
United Kingdom
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