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Dumb Blonde
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Dumb Blonde

Dumb Blonde Productions

Asking the questions others are afraid to. Read more


LaTasha Marzolla: Back in the Ring

Today (05/22/2024) 01:00:30
Dacé: The Modern Working Girl

05/15/2024 01:10:21
Tyler Henry: Hollywood Medium

05/08/2024 01:12:18
Dr. Ricky Brown: Plastic Surgery Q&A

05/01/2024 01:29:49
Stomping on Butterflies

04/24/2024 01:44:44
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Our take on Dumb Blonde podcast

Bunnie Xo, a model and a YouTube star, talks about relationships and life. Whether you struggle with self-love, question your worth, or find it hard to overcome a breakup, you need this podcast. It is a life-changing pod that will help you pull through dark situations. Besides, the podcast helps you work on appreciating life as it is and people as they are by learning from the real-life stories the guests share. Dumb Blonde is a comedy podcast by Dumb Blonde Productions.

Producer: Dumb Blonde Productions
Host: Bunnie Xo
Country: United States
Episodes count: 143
Average duration: 55’
Frequency: Weekly - Every Wednesday

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Listener reviews

Kitty - 06/06/2023
Dumb Blonde, y'all, is like therapy with a side of LOLs. 🤣 Guests are fabulous and Bunnie Xo drops learning bombs while keeping it fun. It's like getting advice from your sassy BFF. 👏

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