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The Viall Files
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The Viall Files

Kast Media

My name is Nick Viall and I host The Viall Files, a podcast that one anonymous reviewer called “surprisingly insightful and substantive.” The Viall Files explores all things dating and love - from post-breakup healing to salacious texts - in our three (and sometimes four) weekly episodes. Read more


E738 RR - thanK you aIMee, VPR, The Valley, SH, & Monica Interview Fallout w/ Joy Bryant & Kate Aurthur

04/23/2024 02:04:35
E737 Ask Nick with Patti Stanger- My Husband Hates Me

04/22/2024 01:41:12
E736 GD with Guerdy Abraira + Summer House, Rachel’s Lawsuit, April Warning Theresa, and S*x After Birth

04/18/2024 02:03:11
E735 RR - Tom Schwartz & GF - Coachella, Vanderpump, The Valley, and Summer House

04/16/2024 01:43:32
E734 Ask Nick - My Husband’s a Shopaholic

04/15/2024 02:00:57
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Our take on The Viall Files podcast

All love relationships start ideally; however, some minor issues rock the boat, leading to disputes and separations. Most of these issues are avoidable, and Nick Viall is here to help you avoid them as much as possible. Lovers face many challenges, and Nick offers the best advice in this exclusive love series. He takes his time to unpack these sensitive topics to help you avoid falling into common relationship pitfalls. The Viall Files episodes also contain actionable tips on improving all aspects of your relationship.

Producer: Kast Media
Host: Nick Viall
Country: United States
Episodes count: 742
Average duration: 75'
Frequency: Several times a week

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