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Holyrood Sources
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Holyrood Sources

Calum Macdonald

The Holyrood Sources podcast analyses Scottish politics through the experiences of those who have lived and breathed it as Special Advisers to the Scottish Government, SNP and opposition parties. Read more


Embezzlement Charges, Climate Targets, and The Bute House Agreement

04/23/2024 45:12
By-Elections, The Cass Review and Holyrood's Rural Caucus

04/17/2024 37:35
25 Years of Devolution: Susan Deacon

04/12/2024 54:56
Wood-burners, Labour leads, and Hate Crimes Q&A... with Michael Foran

04/10/2024 56:33
3000 Hate Crime Reports in 24 Hours

04/03/2024 49:13
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Our take on Holyrood Sources podcast

The Holyrood Sources offers an intelligent look into Scottish politics. Calum Macdonald, Geoff Aberdein, and Andy Maciver share their rich backgrounds as Special Advisers to fuel engaging and enlightening chats. As Nicola Sturgeon's leadership wraps up, this podcast is a fantastic way to get the scoop on what's next for Scottish politics. The hosts' insider views give you a unique way to understand the big changes happening. Holyrood Sources is a news podcast by Calum Macdonald.

Producer: Calum Macdonald
Host: Calum Macdonald, Geoff Aberdein and Andy Maciver
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 78
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Weekly

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