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John Bercow's Absolute Power
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John Bercow's Absolute Power

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Deborah Frances-White quizzes former speaker John Bercow about how British democracy really works.The instruments of power in the UK are often arcane, confusing and bizarre – but understanding how they operate is key to wielding them effectively – and as citizens, we need to be aware of what those in power can and can’t do. Read more


Bonus episode - Brexit

03/02/2022 48:52
1.10 How to Become an MP

02/23/2022 36:37
1.09 The House of Lords

02/16/2022 41:37
1.08 Statutory Instruments

02/09/2022 35:17
1.07 Backbenchers

02/02/2022 35:25
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Our take on John Bercow's Absolute Power podcast

John Bercow's Absolute Power explains the instruments of power in the UK, what the government is allowed to do and what it can't. Deborah Frances-White discusses with John Bercow how British democracy really works.

Bercow served as speaker of the House of Commons (2009 to 2019) and was a member of parliament (1997 to 2019). As a result, he knows more about how the British government works than the average citizen.

In this podcast, Deborah quizzes one of the longest-serving speakers, who shares his knowledge on tradition, legislation, convention, and the constitution. A necessary listening to understand the ins and outs of the institutions that rule public life.

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