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The Coming Storm
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The Coming Storm

Gabriel Gatehouse

QAnon and the plot to break reality.A year on from the Capitol Insurrection in Washington DC on 6 January 2021, Gabriel Gatehouse journeys into the dark undergrowth of modern America. Read more


Introducing The Gatekeepers

02/07/2024 00:03:14
The Louis Theroux Interview

11/17/2022 00:54:40
The Mid-Terms 2. The Regime

11/13/2022 00:55:23
The Mid-Terms 1. Groomers

11/06/2022 00:42:26
8. Epilogue

02/22/2022 00:38:50
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Our take on The Coming Storm podcast

The coming storm is another excellent BBC Radio 4 podcast hosted by Gabriel Gatehouse. The reporter looks into the fringier side of contemporary US politics and the crazy, loopier things happening.

Gatehouse begins by looking into the storming of the Capitol building on sixth January 2020. The march was spearheaded by Jake Angeli (the guy whose image wearing a Viking horn hat and furs got worldwide famous). He is infamously known as QAnon Shaman, a pro-Trump alternative right supporter.

Besides looking into the proper alternative movement in the States, Gatehouse paints a broader picture of the notorious and weird conspiracies spreading over the years.
The coming storm explains the stories behind rumours such as the stolen election conspiracies, the cover-up of Bill Clinton's sexcapades, and so much more.

Host: Gabriel Gatehouse
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 13
Average duration: 35'
Frequency: 8 episodes on 4 Jan 2022

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