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Near Death
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Near Death


If you were expecting a sad, depressing podcast about death... Read more


Eat Your Grief (Nikki's Comfort Food chat with Kelly Rizzo)

12/15/2023 00:59:18
A Ghost in the Studio! (Season Finale)

09/13/2023 00:37:02
Funeral Potatoes & Visitations

09/06/2023 00:59:04
Haunted Barbie Dream House

08/30/2023 00:51:04
Deathbed Drama

08/23/2023 00:47:32
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Our take on Near Death podcast

Nikki Boyer's Near Death explores life at its most profound moments. Boyer, of the award-winning Dying For Sex, teams up with Reverend Peggy, an experienced chaplain who's witnessed nearly 2,000 farewells. Their candid conversations from Peggy's extensive career reveal how diverse human experience can be, making the concept of death less scary. A series that's as refreshing as it is vital, redefining our perception of life's end. Near Death is a society & culture podcast by Dying For Media.

Producer: Lemonada
Host: Nikki Boyer and Reverend Peggy
Country: United States
Episodes count: 17
Average duration: 45'
Frequency: Weekly

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