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New Music Saturday
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New Music Saturday

Dr Bones and Mike Five

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The 2023 #HalloweenSpecial... Part 2

10/30/2023 00:40:47
The 2023 #HalloweenSpecial... Part 1

10/30/2023 02:55:01
S07-Ep35-Pt2: It’s trip, tripp, trippy in this weeks modern standard classic...

10/30/2023 01:30:39
S07-Ep35-Pt1: Bit punky, bit rocky, bit retro...

10/30/2023 02:09:27
BONUS: Dr. Bones catches up with Colin from Joe Symes and The Loving Kind

10/24/2023 00:30:08
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Our take on New Music Saturday podcast

There is some fulfilment that comes with music, your favourite music. And more often, you must stay updated on the newly released hits. New Music Saturday, hosted by Mike Five and Dr Bones, is a whole big thing not worth missing. Here you get to listen to new tracks from solo bands and reviews. You can also catch up with the hosts as they discuss random music or interview some of your denoted music celebrities. The broadcast happens in two sections every Saturday.

Host: Dr Bones and Mike Five
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 444
Average duration: 90' - 120'
Frequency: Weekly

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