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Oh What A Time...
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Oh What A Time...

CBW Productions

It’s time to embark on a journey through history with "Oh What A Time…" a comedy history podcast hosted by renowned comedians Elis James and Tom Craine along with award winning podcaster Chris Scull.  Tackling a brand new subject each week, (from ‘childhood’ to ‘a life at sea’, ‘marriage’ to ‘holidays’) your hosts will dive into the very weirdest and worst that history has to offer, in an effort to answer the question… "Was the past as awful as it sounds?" You can get in touch with the show by emailing: hello@ohwhatatime.com And you can support the show, get bonus episodes and extended ones by becoming an OWAT: FULL TIMER via a subscription: ohwhatatime.com Read more


#37 Prime Ministers (Part 2)

04/15/2024 00:42:37
#37 Prime Ministers (Part 1)

04/14/2024 00:40:26
#36 Presidents (Part 2)

04/08/2024 00:32:25
#36 Presidents (Part 1)

04/07/2024 00:33:20
OWAT: Full Timer Preview!

03/31/2024 00:41:45
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Our take on Oh What A Time... podcast

Oh What A Time... is where humour meets the past in a brilliant way. Elis James, Tom Craine, and podcast pro Chris Scull are your guides. Every week, they pick a different theme from history, digging up the weirdest and most shocking events. They're on a mission to find out if the old days were really as bad as we think. It's a mix of comedy and learning, where nothing is too strange or rough to explore. Oh What A Time... is a history podcast by CBW Productions.

Producer: CBW Productions
Host: Elis James, Tom Craine and Chris Scull
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 53
Average duration: 45'
Frequency: Weekly

Listener reviews

Kate - 10/28/2023
Chilled pub chat vibes- but with genuinely very funny people! Brilliant podcast - well worth a listen. As a history grad working within the grey horrors of corporate administration I listen to loads of history podcasts to perk up the day. This is my current fave! Makes history fun and accessible. Looking forward to the next series!
Craig Thomason - 08/23/2023
Nearly killed me..Well worth it. Made the mistake of listening to this whilst in the gym. Had to stop after I laughed so much I dropped a dumbell on myself about 3 minutes in. I now have to pause it during sets in fear of my life but what a brilliant podcast.

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