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Military History Plus
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Military History Plus

Spencer Jones & Gary Sheffield

The Military History plus podcast takes a dive deep into the fascinating world of conflict and its impact on various aspects of society. Read more


S2E7 – Winston Churchill, Pt2 – The Great War

02/21/2024 1:33:52
S2E6 – Winston Churchill, pt1 – his early life

02/14/2024 1:13:17
S2E5 – Unveiling the Essence of Battlefield Tours: Part 2 of the Journey

12/27/2023 53:41
S2E4 – Exploring Battlefield Tours: Unveiling Their Form, Evolution and Significance

12/20/2023 53:50
S2E3 – Your Questions Answered

12/13/2023 54:35
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Our take on Military History Plus podcast

This isn't your usual war stories show. Hosted by experts Dr. Spencer Jones and Prof. Gary Sheffield, Military History Plus podcast explores the influences of war far beyond the battlefield. They'll take you on a journey from the impact of war on art and football to the intriguing history of espionage. This podcast uncovers the surprising ways conflict has shaped our lives and society. Military History Plus is a history podcast by Dr Spencer Jones & Prof Gary Sheffield.

Producer: Spencer Jones & Gary Sheffield
Host: Dr Spencer Jones and Prof Gary Sheffield
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 12
Average duration: 55'
Frequency: Weekly

Listener reviews

chris wickham - 09/16/2023
As a relatively recent MA student taught by theses two esteemed Historians the FWW historiography podcast reminded me of their great insights and knowledge on this subject. As a follow up or addition i would like to hear an historiographic review of the causes of the FWW, i.e. to include Mombauer, etc etc and perhaps the central powers perspective also.

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