6 Minute English

6 Minute English podcastNeil and Georgina bring current topics to learn and practice English as quickly as possible if you are short on time.

6 Minute Grammar

6 Minute Grammar podcastLearn English grammar in short, clear and entertaining sessions that will clarify all you need to know to speak English properly.

6 Minute Vocabulary

6 Minute Vocabulary podcastIn just 6 minutes you will develop the English vocabulary. The best techniques and solutions to learn the language with the support of the BBC.

The best Podcasts to learn English

Podcasts to learn English are excellent tools. Here we show you the best podcasts to learn English as a second language. These audios constitute a learning tool that you cannot miss.
Language portals increasingly have their own podcast to complement each learning chapter (grammar, vocabulary or talking).
In addition to learning programs, you can also listen to a podcast in English to get familiar with the vocabulary in your free time.
Here you will find podcasts to learn basic English, including vocabulary, grammar and listening. In addition, the famous Duolinguo platform has several podcasts to learn English from scratch.
You will also find other podcasts to learn English at an advanced level. They will help you expand your vocabulary and refine your listening skills in this language.
If you have considered learning English as a second language but do not know where to start, these podcasts are for you. If you have not yet considered learning English, you should; being fluent in English will open doors no matter what you do.
The podcast is an ideal educational medium for all ages. You can listen to podcasts even when busy doing other tasks. Best of all, it’s free.