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Science podcasts

Hidden BrainHidden Brain
Something You Should KnowSomething You Should Know
Lex Fridman PodcastLex Fridman Podcast
Making Sense with Sam HarrisMaking Sense with Sam Harris
Ologies with Alie WardOlogies with Alie Ward
19 Keys Presents High Level Conversations19 Keys Presents High Level Conversations
A CRISPR Bite: How gene-editing technology is changing our foodA CRISPR Bite: How gene-editing technology is changing our food
Ask a spacemanAsk a spaceman
Astronomy castAstronomy cast
Bad SeedsBad Seeds
Brains On! Science podcast for kidsBrains On! Science podcast for kids
Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse PodcastBret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast
Bring Birds BackBring Birds Back
Chemistry For Your LifeChemistry For Your Life
Crash Course Pods: The UniverseCrash Course Pods: The Universe
Divine Intervention PodcastsDivine Intervention Podcasts
Forces for NatureForces for Nature
Getting Curious with Jonathan Van NessGetting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness
Going Wild with Dr. Rae Wynn-GrantGoing Wild with Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant
Hormones: The Inside StoryHormones: The Inside Story
Inner Cosmos with David EaglemanInner Cosmos with David Eagleman
Insects & The ApocalypseInsects & The Apocalypse
Little Curiosities With Kendall LongLittle Curiosities With Kendall Long
NASA's Curious UniverseNASA's Curious Universe
Perform with Dr. Andy GalpinPerform with Dr. Andy Galpin

The best Science podcasts

This category is extensive and has all the best science podcasts in the US and worldwide. From astronomy to nature, there are podcasts about science for everyone. They cover all scientific topics and aspects of life. The easygoing nature of the hosts makes these programs the go-to resources whenever one wants to learn science. Some focus on one issue, while others have an array of topics they dig into.
Contrary to popular belief, not all science-related things are severe and no-nonsense. Some of these shows are hilarious, and the presenters, sometimes comedians, deliver in humorous ways. Mindscape: Science, Society, Philosophy by Sean Carrol is an excellent example of a program that offers general science knowledge.
Physics podcasts are found here as well. Lovers of physics, teachers, and students have a place to get endless content that will enrich their knowledge of the subject. Physics experts and enthusiasts are invited to the shows, and they help the hosts deliver content on the great matter. Topics such as the origin of the universe and other forces are covered. The latest breakthroughs, news, and innovations from scientists all over the globe are talked about as well. All-time greats, such as Quanta Science Podcast, are found here.
There are programs about chemistry that offer content on chemistry-related topics; they cut across the chemical world from the table of elements to bonding between atoms. A good example is Chemistry For Your Life.
Nature podcasts are also available here. They cover both nature and earth sciences as well. Emerging issues such as global warming and climate change are vital components of these shows. At the same time, wildlife, food security, trees, carbon emissions, and birding are also exciting topics covered. In addition, some classics are found here, such as TED Climate, which talks about the planet as it is and how it was.
Among the podcasts about science, you will hear stories from great doctors and their experiences, connecting you with medics and medical science experts. Human anatomy is also a great topic that is touched on by these programs.
Last but not least, there are astronomy podcasts that explore the universe. The astrophysicists hosting some of these shows endeavor to present astronomical concepts in friendly methods and terms. Complex topics are broken down into simple language understandable to all listeners.
Space exploration has become a contentious issue in recent times. Corporations from all over the world and governments are all scrambling to visit space. As a result, the space podcasts are dedicated to keeping you abreast with issues revolving around space exploration. These podcasts about space are in the hundreds and offer top-notch content.
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