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The Weigh Up: Eating Disorder Diaries
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The Weigh Up: Eating Disorder Diaries


Recovering anorexic Molly guides you through the truths of eating disorders and learns how others have found their way up. Read more


Campaigning for better awareness and treatment of eating disorders

09/18/2023 00:29:23
Finding Acceptance

04/17/2023 00:27:50
Social Media And Eating Behaviour

04/10/2023 00:32:15
Stereotypes And Cultural Challenges

04/03/2023 00:42:42
Recovery And Relapse

03/27/2023 00:35:28
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Our take on The Weigh Up: Eating Disorder Diaries podcast

The Weigh Up: Eating Disorder Diaries is a powerful podcast that provides a candid look at the realities of eating disorders. Hosted by recovering anorexic Molly, the show explores the journey to recovery, offering hope and inspiration to others struggling with the same issues. Each 40-minute episode is a personal diary where Molly shares her experiences and insights while learning from others who have also emerged from the darkness of eating disorders. She also brings the people who helped her to the table, so we will listen to expert voices. The Weigh Up: Eating Disorder Diaries is an excellent resource for a deeper understanding of the complex nature of these disorders. The Weigh Up: Eating Disorder Diaries is a personal journals podcast by BBC Radio 5 live.

Producer: BBC
Host: Molly
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 11
Average duration: 40'

Listener reviews

Jen Hay - 02/23/2024
I cannot thank you or commend you enough for these honest and informative podcasts - first time I have ever listened to a podcast! My daughter aged 13 is in her 3rd year of her Anorexia now and we have struggled so much as a family. These discussions have been both information and comforting, to help make you realise you are not alone, and to remain hopeful that our daughter may in time find a way to come out the other end like yourself. You are an inspiration :-) Thank you for being brave enough to share your story, and that of others, to help current sufferers and carers. Your broadcasting skills and personality are great, you should do more!

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