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Smoking Gun
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Smoking Gun

What's the Story? Sounds

In every murder investigation, there's one key item that could bring a killer to justice. Read more


The Contact Lens

04/04/2024 22:56
The Wetsuit

03/28/2024 22:57
The Maggot

03/21/2024 25:51
The Car Tyre

03/14/2024 34:02
The Bunch of Flowers

03/07/2024 27:23
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Our take on Smoking Gun podcast

Murder investigations can be long and complex, especially when identifying that essential item that solves the puzzle. Smoking Gun reveals how our everyday things can turn into the 'smoking gun' that nails the killers. Each Thursday, Romola Garai, an actor, and Tracy Alexander, UK's most prominent forensic scientist, go on an investigation spree as they reveal the techniques and disciplines used to unlock some mysterious criminal cases.

Producer: What's the Story? Sounds
Host: Romola Garai and Tracy Alexander
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 45
Average duration: 35'
Frequency: Weekly

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