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Staying Relevant
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Staying Relevant

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Join Sam Thompson & Pete Wicks on their weekly quest for fame. Read more


Listener Sam Has A Dog Walk From Hell

Yesterday (06/19/2024) 16:00
80: Pete Is Back From 'Oliday & Has Strong Opinions On Sam's Recent Escapades

06/16/2024 40:10
Zara Reacts To Listener Eva's Dream About Sam

06/12/2024 28:23
79: The Soccer Aid Special

06/09/2024 21:45
Listener Jodie's Unfortunate Encounter With A Wig

06/05/2024 18:52
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Our take on Staying Relevant podcast

Staying Relevant brings the comic and dramatic stories of the unpredictable public space. Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks go on a weekly quest to find exciting stories, celebrity appearances, and behind-the-scenes to brighten your day. The duo also invites occasional guests who match their sense of humour as they unpack what keeps one relevant in the demanding public eye. So you can think of Staying Relevant as a show that keeps you informed with all the exciting stories in a humorous way.  Staying Relevant is a comedy podcast by Sam Thompson & Pete Wicks.

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Sam Thompson & Pete Wicks
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Listener reviews

Miri stevens - 04/06/2024
I know you guys love reading reviews so thought I’d leave one as a new ish visuals only listener! The reason I do visuals only is I cannot get enough of Sam’s sunshine energy verses Pete’s relentless misery and cynicism. The way he looks down the camera deadpan as Sam is excited about something CRACKS ME UP. Pete you do not realise how hilarious you are honestly it’s complete and utter gold. It’s like both of you are acting but I know you’re not and that’s what makes it so hilarious; cos it’s all real! My favourite moment ever so far was the last 15 seconds of the “Pete and Sam reveal their friendship was a lie” episode. Pete’s look into the camera is SO FUNNY. You work so well as you’re complete opposites. Keep smashing it and cracking me up. Lots of love. Miri in Richmond. PS - read out my listener letter!!
Amanda Newton - 07/31/2023
Absolutely love your podcast, makes my day when I drive to work listening to you guys! Pete ur brilliant

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