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Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan
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Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan

Daisy Eagan

A podcast about all the things that make us wonder. Read more


S3 Ep46: Time Keeps on Slipping into the Future

04/04/2024 00:38:49
S3 Ep45: Suzy’s Simple Solutions: The Angel Makers of Narygev

03/28/2024 00:42:34
S3 Ep44: Hello From the Other Side: Wind Phones & After Death Communications

03/21/2024 00:42:14
S3 Ep43: Ley Lines: Connecting the Dots from Fables to Fakes

03/07/2024 00:42:03
S3 Ep42: Boot Scootin’ Cryptid Yee-Haw at Skinwalker Ranch

02/29/2024 00:43:32
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Our take on Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan podcast

Have you ever heard stories so wild, they're hard to believe? Enter the world of Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan. Truth outdoes fiction here. Daisy, a Tony Award-winning actress and seasoned storyteller, dives into the weirdest true stories each week. From eerie paranormal activities to unexplained disappearances, her podcast covers it all. Imagine discussing witch hunts one week and near-death experiences the next. Eagan's unique voice brings these astonishing tales to life. If you're up for a mix of mystery and real-life intrigue, this podcast is your go-to. Ready to get hooked on stories that boggle the mind?

Host: Daisy Eagan
Country: United States
Episodes count: 161
Average duration: 36'
Frequency: Weekly - Thursdays

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