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Cool Down Media

Let’s drink some beer & explore the stories behind some of history’s most ruthless serial killers, conspiracy theories, alien abductions & cults! Read more


Necro Overtime: Robert Pickton In Critical Condition and More Evidence Against BTK

Today (05/22/2024) 00:33:21
Gloucester Specter Leaguers of 1692

05/19/2024 01:11:15
John List

05/12/2024 01:32:02
Disappearance of Keith Reinhard

05/05/2024 01:07:34
Necro Overtime: Zodiac Cold Case, NXIVM Appeals, and a Michael Jackson Biopic

05/03/2024 00:28:11
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Our take on Necronomipod podcast

Listen to Necronomipod for a trip into the strange and mysterious. Each week, Ian Kehoe explores everything from unsolved mysteries to tales of the occult. Whether it's the infamous Robert Pickton, the elusive Bigfoot, or the weird history of Nazis dabbling in dark arts, each episode promises a new thrill. Curious about Amelia Earhart's vanishing act or the Manson Family's latest news? This is your show. From the Hollow Earth theory to the Axeman of New Orleans — it's like stepping into another time and place. Necronomipod is a true crime podcast by Cool Down Media.

Producer: Cool Down Media
Host: Ian Kehoe
Country: United States
Episodes count: 315
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Weekly

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