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The Mary Trump Show
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The Mary Trump Show


‘The Mary Trump Show’ is the essential new podcast hosted by polemicist and best-selling author, Mary Trump, discussing politics, pop culture and everything in between with her unique perspective and irreverent humour. Read more


133: Fucking Traitor

06/28/2023 00:56:22
132: Like a Child

06/21/2023 00:59:05
131: Emergency Episode - TICK TOCK MF

06/14/2023 01:22:44
130: Donald Trump Indicted - EMERGENCY EPISODE

06/09/2023 01:14:21
129: Imminent?

06/07/2023 01:04:54
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Our take on The Mary Trump Show podcast

The Mary Trump Show is a biweekly podcast on politics, pop culture, and beyond. Mary Trump brings a unique and insider perspective to the table regarding the current political climate and her thoughts on the intersection of politics and business.  With her sharp wit and bold humor, Mary Trump and her special guests cover the latest news and events in an in-depth, often hilarious fashion in episodes lasting one to two hours.  Mary Trump is a bestselling author and niece of former President Donald Trump, which gives her a unique perspective as an insider in the Trump family. The Mary Trump Show is a news commentary podcast by Politicon.

Producer: Politicon
Host: Mary Trump
Country: United States
Episodes count: 134
Average duration: 70’
Frequency: Biweekly

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