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The Safe Man

The Safe Man


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Are you ready for a story that blurs the lines between the ordinary and the extraordinary? Michael Connelly's The Safe Man is an exciting ride you won't want to miss. Imagine hiring a locksmith, only for him to stumble upon a nightmare straight out of a horror film. Jack Quaid voices Brian Holloway, the unfortunate locksmith who opens an antique safe and finds his life turning into a series of sinister supernatural events and a chilling criminal mystery. Each episode (eight in total) ranges from 15 to 20 minutes and goes deeper into the spooky, the uncertain, and the outright terrifying.

As Brian cracks the paranormal secrets of the safe alongside horror author Paul Robinette, voiced by Titus Welliver, the stakes grow. 

This show offers stellar performances and top-notch sound design to sink you in the sticky heat of Florida's tropics, where every sound and silence keeps you on edge.

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