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Time With Mr Reed
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Time With Mr Reed

Joyrider UK USA

The true story of a boarding school educated mixed race Englishman who robbed 12 banks in San Diego, to pay for the quarter of a million dollars of debt that him and his wife racked up going through IVF to start a family. Produced by Joyrider UK/USA. Music by Tom Cole. Read more


Just Ask

01/29/2023 32:30
The Polite Bank Employee

01/27/2023 35:21
High There

01/27/2023 55:51
Bank Training

01/27/2023 29:11
Falling in Love

01/27/2023 39:04
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Our take on Time With Mr Reed podcast

Time With Mr Reed tells the astonishing true story of Reed Domingo, a UK-educated, mixed-race man who pursued the American Dream in San Diego, only to find himself in $250,000 of debt. To support his family, he turned to a life of crime. You will listen to Domingo's narration and the voices of his wife and best friend, with dramatic reenactments of key moments. Discover how a well-intentioned man ended up in dire straits without ever resorting to violence. Time With Mr Reed is a true crime podcast by Joyrider UK USA.

Joyrider UK USA
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