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Unreliable Witness | Storycast
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Unreliable Witness | Storycast

Sky News

At the height of lockdown, 19-year-old Ellie Williams claims on social media she’s been trafficked by an Asian grooming gang across the North of England. Read more


Unreliable Witness 6: Eleanor Williams ‚Äď Inside

03/24/2024 00:38:58
Unreliable Witness 5: I’m Coming for You

03/24/2024 00:31:40
Unreliable Witness 4: The Witness Who Went Home

03/24/2024 00:33:44
Unreliable Witness 3: I’m not a Psychopath

03/24/2024 00:34:48
Unreliable Witness 2: Recipe for a Witch Hunt

03/24/2024 00:33:08
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Our take on Unreliable Witness | Storycast podcast

Unreliable Witness by Sky News investigates the case of Ellie Williams, a 19-year-old who posted on the internet that she had been trafficked by an Asian gang (and illustrated the story photos of her injuries).
Her post made people in her town angry against Asian men, Barrow-in-Furness, and even some violence started. Here's the twist to the story: she was arrested and accused of making up the whole story, including self-inflicted injuries.
Hosts Jason Farrell and Liz Lane covered the story and now they revisit Barrow to crack the case. Why did Williams make such a story? With exclusive access to the people who was close to the case, this season of StoryCast promises a compelling investigation into a case that shook a community.
Unreliable Witness | Storycast is a true crime podcast by Sky News.

Producer: Sky News
Host: Jason Farrell and Liz Lane
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 52
Average duration: 35'
Frequency: Podcast Series

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