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Bad Blood: The Final Chapter
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Bad Blood: The Final Chapter

Three Uncanny Four

She was once the world's youngest self-made female billionaire. Read more


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03/05/2024 00:02:43
Episode 12: The Verdict

01/06/2022 00:59:04
Episode 11: Investors

12/02/2021 00:54:33
Episode 10: Tyler and George

11/11/2021 00:50:44
Episode 9: The Military

11/04/2021 00:46:46
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Our take on Bad Blood: The Final Chapter podcast

Bad blood: The Final Chapter looks into a perfect example of fake-it-till-you-make-it. After breaking the story of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes, John Carreyrou comes back with this podcast, updating Holmes' state of affairs and how the trial against her is going.

Here's a quick summary, in case you don't know the story: Holmes founded Theranos, a company that promised to revolutionize blood sampling, making it not only cheaper but also an easier procedure for those who needed a check. As a result, she became a billionaire, but not for long.

Soon after, a big scandal about the tests being fake erupted and Holmes lost it all, not only her credibility, her company and her money, but also her freedom.

About the pod: First, Carreyrou examines Holmes' story and the Theranos scandal, which led to Holmes facing charges of massive fraud. Then, he takes you into the courtroom as he examines the whole trial process that she is facing.

From the loss of crucial evidence to unusual defence strategies, charisma, and the sentence that Holmes stands for, this podcast takes you through this unbelievable startup story.

Three Uncanny Four
John Carreyrou
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