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Power: Hugh Hefner
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Power: Hugh Hefner

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In a sport famed for money and excess, what does it take to get to the top...and stay there? Read more


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Our take on Power: Hugh Hefner podcast

This podcast looks into the Life of Hugh Hefner and how he impacted those around him. Hefner was an American Publisher who founded Playboy Magazine. He was editor-in-chief until 2017, when he kicked the bucket. The Playboy Magazine is surrounded by controversy and is usually associated with revealing photographs. Hefner made Playboy a brand which he expanded into a global network of Playboy clubs. He invited his playmates to the Playboy mansion home, a controversial party location. In Power: Hugh Hefner, Journalist Amy Rose Spiegel asks centrefold models, Play Bunnies and other women in Hugh's inner circle to tell their sides of his story. Notable features include Jennifer Saginor and Holly Madison. Power: Hugh Hefner tells a true-life story of a media tycoon whose legacy still lives.

Somethin' Else
Amy Rose Spiegel
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