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Bad Influencer
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Bad Influencer

Emerald Audio

A wannabe nobody makes a wish and wakes up a famous influencer only to find herself caught in non-stop scandals.‚ÄĮFeaturing Deuxmoi, Kristen Doute, Perez Hilton and Christy Carlson Romano, Bad Influencer is a romantic comedy for your ears set in the current New York City Influencer world.¬†Supported by: First Round‚Äôs On Me (FROME), a dating app for people who want to date intentionally and actually meet in person for a real date. Read more


March Madness: The Royals of Malibu vs. Bad Influencer

04/08/2024 00:44:23
Official Trailer | Come with me as I ruin my life!

10/03/2023 00:03:02
Episode 1 | The Loneliest Time

10/03/2023 00:17:56
Episode 2 | Jealousy, Jealousy

10/03/2023 00:16:03
Episode 3 | Level Up

10/03/2023 00:20:23
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Our take on Bad Influencer podcast

If you ever daydreamed about overnight fame, Bad Influencer serves as a fun but cautionary tale. Sarah Sawyer's sudden climb up the social ladder isn't all roses; it's a thorny mess of scandal and drama. This audio journey is like a snack-sized soap opera for your ears, complete with cameos like Perez Hilton. The New York City influencer landscape serves as the chaotic backdrop, giving the story an extra layer of realism. Each episode clocks in at just 15 minutes, making it an easy binge. While it's light and humorous, the podcast doesn't shy away from showing the pitfalls of instant fame. Bad Influencer is a comedy fiction podcast by Emerald Audio.

Emerald Audio
Gabi Conti (Author). Starring Deuxmoi, Kristen Doute, Perez Hilton and Christy Carlson Romano
United States
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