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Ben Roberts-Smith v the media
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Ben Roberts-Smith v the media

The Guardian

Australia’s most decorated living soldier, Ben Roberts-Smith, is suing three of the country’s most trusted newspapers for defamation over articles he says falsely accuse him of war crimes. Read more


Part eight: the pursuit of truth

07/11/2023 00:42:55
Part seven: a hero’s downfall

06/08/2023 00:31:09
Part six: judgment day

06/01/2023 00:16:51
Part five: the letters

10/28/2022 01:01:38
Part four: the tunnel

10/28/2022 01:07:15
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Our take on Ben Roberts-Smith v the media podcast

Ben Roberts-Smith v the media dives deep into the heart of Ben Roberts-Smith's defamation case against three major Aussie newspapers. It's a captivating saga that transcends the courtroom drama, revealing the darker corners of Australia's military culture. The host, Ben Doherty, is there with us in the trenches, every painstaking moment within Sydney's federal court. The accounts are raw, explosive, and sometimes hard to digest - a kaleidoscope of testimonies that rattle your world. Ben Roberts-Smith v the media is a news podcast by The Guardian.

Producer: The Guardian
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 9

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