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This Week On The Internet
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This Week On The Internet


Weekly pop culture news show presented by WillNE. Read more


Has Elon Musk Lost His Mind?

07/31/2023 00:13:23
40 Year Old Drops Ukulele Apology Video

07/03/2023 00:14:08
We’re Breaking Up

06/19/2023 00:14:22
Slow News Week (You Can Skip This One)

06/11/2023 00:10:07
Mizzy Gets Arrested (again)

06/04/2023 00:16:27
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Our take on This Week On The Internet podcast

Dive into the digital zeitgeist with WillNE's weekly guide to the Internet's pulse, This Week On The Internet. Packed into snappy 10-15 minute episodes, it's a fresh, engaging take on weekly happenings online. You will find the most diverse digital topics, from MrBeast's debated new video or TikTok trends to the recent British Coronation with deft humour. This Week On The Internet is an entertainment news podcast by WillNE.

Producer: WillNE
Host: Will
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 19
Average duration: 15'
Frequency: Weekly

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