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Constellation Prize
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Constellation Prize

Bianca Giaever

Feeling down about the human condition? Read more


Crossing Guard

07/14/2020 38:18
Caveh is God

07/14/2020 26:12
Spool of Thread

07/14/2020 05:58
Two Years With Franz

07/14/2020 55:39
What is Boring? with B. Wurtz

07/14/2020 11:36
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Our take on Constellation Prize podcast

Constellation Prize explores the spiritual problems faced by everyday individuals. Host Bianca Giaever really knows how to guide conversations with diverse guests, revealing our existential struggles' universal nature and exploring themes of art, God, and loneliness. The candid storytelling from The Believer magazine resonates and provides a comforting reminder that we're all grappling with the human condition. Constellation Prize is an arts podcast by The Believer Magazine & Bianca Giaever.

Producer: Bianca Giaever
Host: Bianca Giaever
Country: United States
Episodes count: 9
Average duration: 30’
Frequency: Five episode series

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