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Somethin' Else, Sony Music Entertainment

While traveling through Europe on their honeymoon, newly-wed influencer couple, Karlie (Jessica Plummer) and Tre (Ben Hardy), notice an almost identical couple is following them and posting the same content - imitating their photos; same poses, filters, and tags. Read more


Inside the High-Stakes Chase to Catch Austin's Serial Bomber

04/01/2024 00:01:46
The Anime Effect Meets TAGGED: Exploring the Digital Realm and Cultural Influence

02/20/2024 00:00:52
The Untold Story of The Plot to Kidnap the Governor of Michigan

02/05/2024 00:05:10
Hollywood Secrets: The Mysterious Disappearance of Gary Devore

11/06/2023 00:07:34
Across Continents, Unveiling Deceit and Fraud

09/11/2023 00:06:24
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Our take on TAGGED podcast

Tagged spans eight countries, involves two murders, and has a staggering one million virtual onlookers. In this social media thriller, newlywed influencer duo Karlie (portrayed by Jessica Plummer) and Tre (played by Ben Hardy) happily go on their honeymoon across Europe. However, they soon realize that a strikingly similar couple is shadowing them, replicating their posts, from the poses and filters to the hashtags. As their quest unfolds, the couple finds themselves trapped in a double murder interrogation and uncovering a cult targeting influencers. TAGGED is a drama podcast by Somethin' Else / Sony Music Entertainment.

Producer: Somethin' Else, Sony Music Entertainment
Host: Jessica Plummer and Ben Hardy
Country: United States
Episodes count: 7
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Weekly

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