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Open Book with Anthony Scaramucci
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Open Book with Anthony Scaramucci

SALT Media Networks & CSG

You may think you know Anthony Scaramucci: a Harvard Law School graduate who cut his teeth at Goldman Sachs, went on to build two successful businesses and had an 11-day stint in the White House. Read more


The Week That Changed the World with DW Gibson

06/19/2024 00:36:15
China, Russia, and America: Where Do We Go From Here?

06/12/2024 00:55:37
Have You Been in the Room Where it Happens? With George Stephanopoulos

06/05/2024 00:31:04
From Wall Street to the White House & Back with Anthony Scaramucci & Kara Swisher

05/24/2024 00:32:43
Happy Mother's Day, Mama Mooch!

05/12/2024 00:13:01
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Our take on Open Book with Anthony Scaramucci podcast

Open Book is a must-listen for those interested in learning from the past and shaping the future. Anthony Scaramucci talks with a diverse range of brilliant guests, discussing thought-provoking works and their impact on our lives. In addition, Scaramucci shares his own life lessons and experiences, adding depth and authenticity to the show. From his blue-collar roots to his time in the White House, he provides unique and valuable perspectives on success and failure. Open Book with Anthony Scaramucci is an entrepreneurship podcast by SALT Media Networks & CSG.

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Anthony Scaramucci
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