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Dane Stewart

In a moment of fate in 2017, Dane is gifted a bundle of old love letters and theatrical scripts. Read more


Summer Listen: The Village - The Montreal Murders

08/28/2023 46:39
Episode 8: San Francisco, 2022

07/28/2023 1:09:52
Episode 7: Mustang Zero-One

07/10/2023 54:29
Episode 6: What Happened in Vietnam

07/03/2023 47:11
Episode 5: Janet

06/26/2023 1:02:52
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Our take on Resurrection podcast

Resurrection is an immersive exploration that blends detective work, history, and a heartfelt narrative. The series follows Dane's journey to unfold the life of Daryl Allen, a bisexual playwright who lived in San Francisco before succumbing to AIDS in 1991. As Dane dives into Daryl's old love letters and scripts, a moving conversation between past and present queer communities unfolds, showing the impact of the AIDS crisis. This journey is not just about Daryl's end but his life, beautifully resurrected from the archives. Resurrection is an arts podcast by Dane Stewart.

Host: Dane Stewart
Country: Canada
Episodes count: 10
Average duration: 40'

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