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Create the Future
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Create the Future

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

Engineering is for everyone and impacts all our lives. Read more


The Future of Fire Safety

04/18/2024 28:42
The Future Of Sports Engineering

04/05/2024 26:57
The Future of Space Telescopes

03/22/2024 31:54
The Future of Cameras

03/08/2024 33:01
The Future of Repairs

02/23/2024 32:43
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Our take on Create the Future podcast

Create the Future is a refreshing listen for anyone intrigued by the impact of engineering on our world. Hosts Roma Agrawal and George Imafidon bring experts into conversations that matter, from lab-grown meat to futuristic batteries. Backed by the prestige of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, the podcast explores innovation that could reshape the very fabric of society. Episodes drop every other Friday and usually last about 30 minutes—short enough to be digestible but deep enough to get you thinking. Whether you're a tech geek or a casual listener, this podcast serves up food for thought on how engineering can change our lives for the better. Create the Future is a technology podcast by Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.

Producer: Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering
Host: Roma Agrawal and George Imafidon
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 92
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: Every other week

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