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DealBook Summit
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DealBook Summit

The New York Times

In this limited series from the New York Times, hear conversations with business and policy leaders at the heart of today’s major stories, recorded live at the annual 'DealBook Summit' event in New York City. Read more


How to Reveal the Many Sides of Elon Musk: The Art of the Interview

12/14/2023 00:28:40
Jamie Dimon on Why He Thinks We Are Living in One of the Most Dangerous Times

11/30/2023 00:34:14
Jay Monahan on the LIV and the Future of Golf

11/30/2023 00:26:16
Bob Iger of Disney on the Culture Wars, and Streaming

11/30/2023 00:39:19
Kevin McCarthy on his Political Future

11/30/2023 00:29:29
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Our take on DealBook Summit podcast

The DealBook Summit podcast series, hosted by Andrew Ross Sorkin, presents a diverse lineup of interviews with notable figures like Jamie Dimon and Jay Monahan. A standout interview is with Elon Musk, who openly discusses innovation and his recent controversial social media comments. In her interview, Kamala Harris offers an analysis of polling and political polarization, making complex information easy to understand. You will also listen to Kevin McCarthy's perspective on his political journey. Meanwhile, Bob Iger from Disney speaks about the changing dynamics of culture wars and streaming. This series, rich with conversations from mixed prominent personalities, is an engaging mix of technology, politics, and media. DealBook Summit is a business podcast by The New York Times.

Producer: The New York Times
Host: Andrew Ross Sorkin
Country: United States
Episodes count: 8
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Monthly

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