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Emily Blackwell's Mother Half
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Emily Blackwell's Mother Half

Bauer Media

Emily Blackwell joined Made in Chelsea 8 years ago and now is a MIC household name. Her brilliant mum Rachel is so proud of her - but also wants in on the action. So together they’re launching a podcast. Read more


S2: 10 Food, family and the contents of Rachel's fridge

03/15/2024 00:39:15
S2: 9 The Mother Half Mother's Day Special

03/08/2024 00:40:10
S2:8 Pregnancy sex and dark nipples with Emily Miller

03/01/2024 00:34:13
S2: 7 Royal shocks and stolen readings with Psychic Sally

02/23/2024 00:32:03
S2: 6 The half mile high club and belly button fetishes

02/16/2024 00:35:20
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Our take on Emily Blackwell's Mother Half podcast

Discover the real Emily Blackwell and her fabulous mom, Rachel, in their new podcast. Each episode, lasting 40 minutes, is filled with laughter and insights as Emily shares her social media expertise with Rachel, who playfully admits to checking Emily's contacts while they remember Emily's occasionally chaotic childhood. Join this refreshing mother-daughter duo as they fearlessly tackle your dilemmas, providing warm, wise, and unfiltered advice that will leave you feeling entertained and enlightened. Emily Blackwell's Mother Half is a relationships podcast by Bauer Media.

Producer: Bauer Media
Host: Emily and Rachel Blackwell
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 26
Average duration: 40'

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