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LA Made: The Barbie Tapes
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LA Made: The Barbie Tapes

LAist Studios

“LA Made” is a series exploring stories of bold Californian innovators and how they forever changed the lives of millions all over the world. Read more


Imperfect Paradise: Lions, Coyotes, & Bears Part 1- The Mountain Lion Celebrity

Yesterday (07/24/2024) 00:45:44
Imperfect Paradise: Return from Mexico

07/10/2024 00:41:21
LAist Studios presents Passing The Mantle: Is Gen Z less curious than the Baby Boomers?

07/08/2024 00:15:42
Introducing Passing The Mantle, from LAist Studios

07/02/2024 00:02:31
HTLA Presents: How Not To Be Lonely: Part 8 - How Giving Back Can Make You Feel Less Alone

06/29/2024 00:16:48
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Our take on LA Made: The Barbie Tapes podcast

LA Made: The Barbie Tapes is a fun and exciting podcast all about the birth of Barbie. Antonia Cereijido and M.G. Lord take you behind the scenes, where you will hear secret stories from the woman who dreamed up Barbie, Ruth Handler, and her team. If you love Barbie or want to know how she came to be, this 3-episode series is for you. It's like a treasure hunt in the world of toys! LA Made: The Barbie Tapes is a society & culture podcast by LAist Studios.

LAist Studios
Antonia Cereijido and M.G. Lord
United States
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3-episode series

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