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Emma Lehman

Gooned is a deep dive into an industry with blood on its hands. Read more


12: The Big Question

02/14/2024 34:35
11: Lipstick on a Pig

02/07/2024 32:32
10: Afterwards

01/31/2024 33:04
9: Pray the Gay Away

01/24/2024 31:52
8: The System Gone Mad

01/17/2024 34:38
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Our take on Gooned podcast

Gooned with Emma Lehman is a chilling exploration of the Troubled Teen Industry's dark corners. In just half an hour per episode, Lehman, a journalist with a creative streak, introduces us to the unsettling world of educational consultants who exploit parental fears. The first episode reveals the manipulative strategies for pushing teens into these programs. The follow-up episode is even more harrowing, as Lehman, posing as a desperate parent, uncovers the shocking ease of hiring "goons" for child extraction. The opening episodes promise compelling yet harsh content to follow, an eye-opener on a shadowy business preying on family vulnerabilities. Gooned is a society & culture podcast by Emma Lehman.

Host: Emma Lehman
Country: United States
Episodes count: 13
Average duration: 30'

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