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Up Against The Mob
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Up Against The Mob

CAFE Studios

Elie Honig spent fourteen years as a federal and state prosecutor in New York and New Jersey. Read more


The Last One Standing

04/12/2023 00:35:29
A Beautiful Conspiracy

04/05/2023 00:37:21
Let’s Kill Gary Tonight

03/29/2023 00:33:57
They’re Gonna Want Bodies

03/22/2023 00:33:49
The First Domino

03/15/2023 00:30:43
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Our take on Up Against The Mob podcast

Up Against The Mob offers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the modern-day mafia. With unprecedented access to those who have lived through it, former federal and state prosecutor Elie Honig reveals the real-life, inside stories of organized crime. New episodes are released every Wednesday, offering deep dive into the gritty and dangerous world of the mafia. Up Against The Mob is a true crime podcast by CAFE.

Producer: CAFE Studios
Host: Elie Honig
Country: United States
Episodes count: 16
Frequency: Weekly - Wednesdays

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