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In the Shadows
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In the Shadows

Casefile Presents, Wondery

In The Shadows delves into a riveting unsolved mystery from 1991. Read more


Casefile Presents: The Easey Street Murders

02/19/2024 00:04:06
7: Pending

02/06/2023 00:40:12
6: Alibi

02/06/2023 00:39:20
5: Reign Of Terror

02/06/2023 00:43:26
4: Painful Secrets

02/06/2023 00:31:21
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Our take on In the Shadows podcast

Uncover the truth behind a 1991 unsolved murder case. Finally, 32 years later, In The Shadows takes a fresh look at the controversial case of a young woman whose body was found in the desert near Bakersfield, California. With new information revealed, dig into the heated debates and division caused by the trials that targeted the victim's famous star-athlete boyfriend. Get ready for shocking twists and turns in this investigation. In the Shadows is a true crime podcast by Casefile Presents.

Producer: Wondery
Country: United States
Episodes count: 9
Average duration: 35'

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