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Imagine This...
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Imagine This...

Boston Consulting Group BCG

Take a trip into the future that will challenge the way you think and act today. Read more


BCG Presents: CEO Digest

05/14/2024 15:52
The End of Free Trade

04/30/2024 32:32
The Next-Gen CEO

04/16/2024 31:28
The End of Middle Management (For Real)

04/02/2024 32:58
When Software Writes Itself

03/19/2024 25:10
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Our take on Imagine This... podcast

Imagine This... is where host Paul Michelman and his AI co-host GENE chat with experts about what the future holds for companies and their workers. This series is excellent for those wanting to keep up with changes in topics like remote work and AI. The first episode talks about the possibility of AI joining the executive team, offering a smart look at how technology and humans might work together in diverse areas and positions. Imagine This... is a business podcast by Boston Consulting Group BCG.

Producer: Boston Consulting Group BCG
Host: Paul Michelman and GENE
Country: United States
Episodes count: 8
Average duration: 26'
Frequency: Weekly

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