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GenAI on GenAI
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GenAI on GenAI

Boston Consulting Group BCG

A Conversation with "GENE" on BCG's AI Learnings. Read more


Introduction: Meet GENE

12/15/2023 04:12
Chapter 1: GenAI at the Dawn of Year Two

12/14/2023 08:56
Chapter 2: Carpe Diem

12/14/2023 07:40
Chapter 3: An Org Revolution

12/14/2023 13:23
Chapter 4: Blending Innovation and Responsibility

12/14/2023 12:34
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Our take on GenAI on GenAI podcast

GenAI on GenAI is a unique podcast where Paul Michelman (Boston Consulting Group) talks with GENE, BCG's AI, about the future of Generative AI. Michelman comes prepared with questions, using BCG's expert knowledge on AI as a guide. Yet, many discussions spring up, making every conversation fresh and unpredictable. Each bite-size episode is edited by humans for clarity but not scripted, and it's filled with info on AI's impact on business and technology, and even bold predictions for businesses and leaders. While GENE mostly hits the mark, it's not always spot-on, adding a layer of authenticity to the dialogue. GenAI on GenAI is a peek into the future of GenAI conversations, offering a thought-provoking glimpse at what's to come. GenAI on GenAI is a business podcast by Boston Consulting Group BCG.

Producer: Boston Consulting Group BCG
Host: Paul Michelman
Country: United States
Episodes count: 5
Average duration: 13'
Frequency: Weekly

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