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Labour's Plan For Power
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Labour's Plan For Power

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Armed with a consistently large lead in the opinion polls and a string of by-election successes, Britain's Labour Party looks closer to power than it has done for 13 long years.But with many voters effectively now looking over Rishi Sunak’s shoulder, more and more people are asking a blunt question: ‘What would Keir Starmer actually do if he wins the next election?’  While the party has started to sketch out its plans for government, for some there is still a frustrating lack of answers.   This is a special i podcast series that aims to shed some light on that very question.  We’ll talk to independent experts about what Labour could do in office, and to politicians about what it should do.  We’ll hear from the people writing Labour policy - and who will sit in Starmer's first cabinet if he gets the keys to Number 10.  This fortnightly series will cover the party’s plans for the economy, for the NHS, for tackling the north-south divide and for life after Brexit.Presented by Paul Waugh i Chief Political Commentator. Read more


Starmer’s Brexit Dilemma

12/01/2023 45:24
Fixing the North-South Divide

11/24/2023 46:55
The NHS and your health

11/17/2023 45:42
The Economy

11/03/2023 45:46
Labour's Plan For Power trailer

11/01/2023 3:02
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Labour's Plan For Power: The Economy dives into the heart of what a Labour-led government might bring. In the first episode of a four-part series, host Paul Waugh, a seasoned political commentator, navigates through Labour's potential strategies for the nation's fiscal future. With the party edging closer to power after over a decade, the show asks the tough questions. You will listen to honest discussions with key figures like Ken Clarke and Peter Mandelson, who weigh in on Labour's financial prudence and the implications of tax policies, and Rachel Reeves, potentially the first female chancellor. It's a concise yet deep exploration of Labour's blueprint for Britain, clarifying the party's direction ahead of the next election. Labour's Plan For Power is a politics podcast by The i Podcast.

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