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Tortoise Investigates
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Tortoise Investigates


Introducing… Who Trolled Amber?What comes to mind when you think of Amber Heard? Read more


Introducing...The Price of Paradise

Yesterday (04/22/2024) 6:57
Who Trolled Amber: Episode 6 - Public enemy

03/26/2024 39:19
Who Trolled Amber: Episode 5 - The special relationship

03/19/2024 25:01
Who Trolled Amber: Episode 4 - Through the looking glass

03/12/2024 32:06
Who Trolled Amber: Episode 3 - Into the dark

03/05/2024 36:06
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Our take on Tortoise Investigates podcast

Tortoise Investigates is a weekly podcast that brings you the best Tortoise investigative stories, all in one place. You will find series like Dr Anti-vax and Trump and Rudy, reflecting Tortoise Media's commitment to slow journalism and comprehensive reporting. The company, co-founded by ex-BBC News director James Harding, has been recognized for its innovative approach to news. Tortoise Investigates is a news commentary podcast by Tortoise Media.

Producer: Tortoise
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 64
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: Weekly

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