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Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast
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Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast


Join Michelle Obama as she dives deep into conversations with family, friends, and colleagues to share tools for living in today’s world with her trademark humor, candor, and compassion. Read more


“We Weren’t Meant to Do This Life Alone” with Heather McGhee

02/28/2024 26:55
"We Can't Be Who We Can't See" with Michele Norris

02/26/2024 30:03
Introducing "Your Mama's Kitchen"

08/30/2023 49:18
“Our Hair is a Portal into our Souls” with Tracee Ellis Ross

08/09/2023 30:28
"Barack Is My Home" with Oprah Winfrey

05/09/2023 37:03
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Join Michelle Obama on a journey of self-discovery and connection in Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast. In this podcast, Michelle Obama shares stories from her life and reflects on the challenges we all face. With the help of her closest friends and favorite personalities, she takes a deeper look at those meaningful moments. This is an opportunity to get to know Michelle Obama on a personal level and be inspired by her wisdom.
This thought-provoking podcast is produced by Higher Ground and Audible and is a must-listen for those who fan the life and work of the wife of former President Barack Obama and the first African-American First Lady.

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