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Skyline Drive
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Skyline Drive

iHeartPodcasts and Kaleidoscope

When Mangesh Hattikudur (Part-Time Genius, Humans Growing Stuff) set out to do a big, sweeping show on astrology, he didn’t realize the first interview would change the course of his life. Read more


Introducing: Skyline Drive

11/22/2022 00:02:52
It's Supposed to be Fun

11/29/2022 00:38:47
The Truth According to Jean

12/06/2022 00:39:40
Trickle-down Astrology

12/13/2022 00:38:58
BTS Grandpas

12/20/2022 00:48:48
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Our take on Skyline Drive podcast

Mangesh Hattikudur explores the unexpected ways astrology impacts modern society and how it's more influential than you think. From world leaders who use astrology to guide impactful policies to baseball astrology and more, Skyline Drive will change your point of view about what the stars have to say in only eight episodes.  Skyline Drive is a documentary podcast by iHeartPodcasts & Kaleidoscope.

Producer: iHeart
Host: Mangesh Hattikudur
Country: United States
Episodes count: 22
Average duration: 40’
Frequency: Weekly

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